January 20, 2018

Meeting Icebreaker: The Alphabet Game

This meeting icebreaker is out of what I call my bag of tricks. I use it instead of a break if the group has gotten off track or seems to be losing energy and needs a change of pace. It becomes a 5-6 minute break without having folks leave the room and then having to gather everyone back together. Try it! Divide the room up into groups of 4 or 5 (which means you'll need at least 8 people to make it work). Everyone should have a pen and paper for quick note-taking and brainstorming, but one … [Read more...]

Meeting Icebreaker: Tummy HA HA

I took this video during a leadership retreat for the SGA leaders of four of Valencia Community College's campuses. This is a team building exercise called "Tummy HA HA". The idea is for the members of the team to have a shared experience, something they can relate to later, joke about, etc. This activity also gets the members of the team out of their comfort zone as they get to relate to each other in a close, but non-threatening way. Things can get silly so it is also a good tension breaker. … [Read more...]

Meeting Icebreaker: The Clap Down

Energize your meeting with this icebreaker that requires no material and no touching (some people don't like to be touched.) I usually use it to lead into another activity like Unusual Things in Common, lunch, a break, or the next phase or activity of the meeting. Remember, the purpose of any icebreaker is to get people energized, having fun, relaxed around each other or functioning on the same page. This one accomplishes them all. Have everyone stand up and empty their hands. Begin … [Read more...]

Meeting Icebreaker: Unusual Things in common

Here's a great meeting icebreaker to conduct at the beginning of year. It forces old members to meet new members and new members to meet everyone. It also puts all of your meeting attendees on the same comfort level because they're all doing the same thing and sharing about themselves with people they don't know. To get started have everyone stand up and put everything down. Instruct them to go and find two people in the meeting that they don't know at all or not very well and take a few … [Read more...]

Meeting Icebreaker: All My Friends and Neighbors

This meeting icebreaker is a great game that can be done multiple times and is especially effective at camp retreats where your members will be spending a lot of time together. You'll need a good deal of space to do this and because you'll move chairs and break up into groups it won't work in a lecture hall. It's sort of like Musical Chairs but with a getting-to-know-you element. So here's how you learn about 'all my friends and neighbors.' Seat everyone in a big circle with one person … [Read more...]

Meeting Icebreaker: Rain

This meeting icebreaker is a great energizer to do right before a break or coming back from a break, especially if you have stragglers. Because it emulates the sound of a rain shower it ends up making a lot of noise and alerts those stragglers to return to the room. It's easy to do, takes no special equipment or practice and even gets the shy folks involved. So here's the easy-to-follow how-to for "making it rain." Starting at the front of the room have everyone in the front row rub … [Read more...]