February 20, 2018

Study Abroad: What You’ll Miss and Why It’s Worth It

The popularity of study abroad programs increase by 12 percent each year, reports the Unesco Institute for Statistics, and it’s easy to see why. Study abroad programs offer invaluable insight and life lessons. In fact, Harvard Business school now makes it mandatory for the entire class to learn and work overseas. As more students enjoy study abroad, many of them are slapped in the face with vast cultural differences. To avoid becoming a casualty of culture shock on your trip abroad, get ready to … [Read more...]

Student’s Guide to Accommodation in the UK

Many people first leave their family and live away from home when they go to university. It’s a big change, and some people can get a little worried. This is a quick guide to accommodation at university and what you can expect to ensure nothing comes as a shock. Types of Accommodation Halls of Residence - Particularly popular with freshers, halls of residence are a great way to meet lots of new friends either in your flat or the many flats within the block. A room in halls may be … [Read more...]

Living and studying abroad… mate!

If you’re a college student, faculty or staff, no doubt you’ve seen plenty of international students on campus. You may even be one yourself. Nowadays it has become a fad and trend to study overseas as it gives a student exposure to a varied, cosmopolitan culture and gives them experience dealing with different cultures, behaviors and characteristics. Many students choose to study overseas because it gives them a chance to even further explore living independently, working part time to meet … [Read more...]

Study in the United States: Considerations for International Students

Deciding to leave your home country and go to university in the United States is a major choice in your life. Fortunately, millions of students from around the world have already successfully navigated the hazards and uncertainties of international study, and you have their experiences to learn from. In fact, 764,000 students participated in international study programs during the 2011–2012 school year alone! If you're thinking about studying in the United States, there's a lot to consider. … [Read more...]

4 Things I miss about studying in Europe

The funny thing about my study abroad experience in Europe is that I spent a lot of time feeling homesick while I was there, but now that I'm back, I miss it more and more every day. Being introduced to European culture comes with some pretty big culture shock, but you never seem to really appreciate all the little things about your experience until you're back home and something feels missing. If you've ever studied abroad in Europe, indulge with me as I recount the top four things I miss about … [Read more...]