January 20, 2018

Study Smarter by Knowing Your Memory Mode

Students I meet on campuses across the country and around the world are always looking for new and better ways to do better on tests. One way I’ve discovered they can do this is by understanding the Memory Mode and how the brain triggers long term memory. When I teach my Memory Workshops we start by comparing Memory Modes to Learning Styles (audio, visual, kinesthetic) to help students see the difference and to understand that their memory mode is not a learning style but is a tool the brain … [Read more...]

The Competitive Edge – Knowing How to Learn

Today’s education system very much benefits the rich and hurts the poor – and that’s a problem the way I see it. It’s the wealthy student that gets the chance to have tutors and the extra time and strategies and extra resources. But the education system of the future is heading towards a more self-directed learning model – and that’s a good thing. My overall vision is that education is something that you do for your whole life and not just something you do in school. Taking the skillset of … [Read more...]

How you can use NeuroScience to Triple Your Memory

In my Study Smarter, Better Memory Workshop the first module I teach is called “NeuroScience Basics and Triple Your Memory.” It’s a 30 minute segment that’s half theory and half practice and a great place to start if you want to learn to study smarter. You’ll discover how your brain acquires information and that’s the basic underpinnings to just about everything else I do in my trainings. The Theory: There’s a mechanism in your brain that decides to learn – it’s not luck or chance. A decision … [Read more...]

Using The Farrow Method for memory beyond college

In today’s competitive post-college job market, it’s hard to get ahead and stay ahead. One of the most sought after job skills that companies look for is the ability to learn. For 20 years, Dave Farrow has also been teaching the Farrow Method for Memory and Speed Learning to companies and corporations. COLLEGE SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT Beyond College – Jobs and Careers Human Resources departments with goals of employee health and wellness hire Dave to deliver the Farrow Method to their staff. … [Read more...]

Certifying teachers in Farrow Memory Methods

The Farrow Method for Memory and Speed Learning expertly blends together the three core components of Classical Memory Techniques, Farrow Focus Bursts and Current Brain/Neuro Science and delivers information in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. Highly adaptable, the Farrow Method can be used by students aged 5-85 and covers a wide variety of subject matter. With minimal creativity and guidance from parents or teachers, children as young as 5 years old can begin using this system. As … [Read more...]

The Farrow Method: The Science Behind It

After just 20 minutes of instruction in the system, and tested a week later, people who use Farrow’s system scored 3 Times higher than the control group on clinical memory tests. -- SOURCE: Double Blind Neuroscience Study of the Farrow Memory Method, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Fall 2012. COLLEGE SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT The Farrow Method for Memory and Speed Learning expertly blends together the three core components of Classical Memory Techniques, Farrow Focus Bursts and Current … [Read more...]