January 20, 2018

Get some sleep! If you’re tired, so are your grades

Not getting enough sleep could be the number one thing that's hurting your GPA. Simply put, if you study while you're tired your retention rate will be down. I teach students and professionals my Guinness Record winning memory techniques all over the country and sleep deprivation is one thing I just can't overcome. If the members of my audience are tired or fatigued, even the best memory techniques just won't stick. If you're studying while you're tired in addition to the fatigue factor that … [Read more...]

Focus Bursts: Using interval training and controlled panic for better study

RAISE THE INTENSITY of your studying - but STUDY IN SHORT BURSTS. We call it Focus Bursts™ and it only works when you both raise the Intensity AND study in Short Bursts. It's the combination of the two that's going to get you the memory and retention results studying work for you. It's like in the "Married With Children" theme song "Love and Marriage"  - you can't have one without the other. It sounds fairly simple and it is, but it's part of the neuro-science based, Focus Training System … [Read more...]

Where you study matters

In developing your lifelong ability to study and remember effectively it really does matter where you study. I highly recommend that you have a separate place to study and do school work. No, not at the kitchen table, in that comfortable spot at the end of the couch or propped up on a dozen pillows in your bed. I recommend a separate table even if it's just a small coffee table. When you are in this separate space you are actually training yourself to get into right mindset for study and … [Read more...]

Read with your eyes not your lips

When you're in college, before the stress of having to pass mid-term and final exams, there's the stress of having to read volumes of information seemingly equivalent to "War and Peace" and "Atlas Shrugged" combined - and that's just for one class. And of course, if you want to pass the class, understanding what you've read isn't a bad idea either. I teach a Speed Reading Course that doubles your reading speed AND increases your comprehension and although I can't share the whole course in … [Read more...]

3 Tips to keep you from blanking out under exam stress

The stress of taking an exam, competing on a quiz show or speaking in front of an audience can make you go blank in a minute. Sometimes even the best and most prepared will 'blank out' under the glare of the harsh spotlight. If you think you're alone on this check out former 2012 Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry. It's painful to watch him blank out in front of a national TV audience of potential voters. He was proposing the elimination of three government departments to balance … [Read more...]

Make Studying Easier With These Study Tips

Studying is as much a part of college life as tuition and most students think they're doing a pretty good job when it comes to reviewing material outside of class. A lot of us, though, are still relying on the same old study habits that got us through high school. We get it. Back in senior year it was cool to coast along in class because you already had that college acceptance letter in hand. But now it's your life on the line and success is going to have to mean upping your academic … [Read more...]