January 20, 2018

How Does Growth in Motion™ Impact My Life as a College Student?

Growth is development, evolution, progress, increase, expansion. In short, it means CHANGE. To be in motion means to move, act, engage in an activity, or to shift something. I define “growth in motion” as a phrase that describes a way of being in relationship with oneself. It is a process of living consciously. This means you have to take a very close look at your habits and authentically evaluate which ones are overdue and need to move in a different direction. To be self-regulated, to … [Read more...]

Meeting Icebreaker: Tummy HA HA

I took this video during a leadership retreat for the SGA leaders of four of Valencia Community College's campuses. This is a team building exercise called "Tummy HA HA". The idea is for the members of the team to have a shared experience, something they can relate to later, joke about, etc. This activity also gets the members of the team out of their comfort zone as they get to relate to each other in a close, but non-threatening way. Things can get silly so it is also a good tension breaker. … [Read more...]

Climbing the Mountain of Student Success

“George, the Drobble” is a story for people of all ages. It features a character named George who seeks the secret of life, which can only be found at the top of a mountain near his village. You can watch me perform the story by clicking on the video link above. It was shot by a student at Houston Community College in late June at an SGA leadership retreat. … [Read more...]

Get a DEFINING STATEMENT and boost your recruiting efforts

“No, we are not the Circle K that is the convenience stores... We are not a dude ranch with horses... We don’t dance in circles, although you can if you want to...”  That was part of my normal speech when I was the District Administrator for the Georgia District of Circle K International. I was responsible for 28 chapters, including helping them to effectively recruit members. I went to campus after campus and watched our student leaders struggle with trying to explain what Circle K was—and what … [Read more...]

A Campus MONTH of Service: 4 Ways to Make it Work

One way to get more students, faculty and staff involved in your community service efforts is to create a MONTH OF SERVICE on your campus. It's a great way to focus every one on getting involved for a short period of time, but one that is long enough and has enough variety for everyone to get a chance to chip in. The best part is that many of the volunteers during the month will continue to support your efforts even after the month is over. Here are four quick and easy to implement ideas that … [Read more...]

Building a Business in College Is Easier Than You Think

Today's graduate leaves college with an average student loan debt of $26,600, according to a Project on Student Debt report. This compounds other expenses, such as rent, gas and insurance. To keep debt from accumulating, a smart strategy is to build a business while you're still in college and have access to resources, such as your parents' support and your school business library, before you have to start repaying loans. Your college years represent one of the best opportunities you'll have to … [Read more...]

Dave Kelly on building a Servant Leadership Resume

I travel the country presenting my two core programs for college students: Campus Organization Leadership Training™ and Building Leaders Through Service® and they both resonate with the same overarching theme - SERVANT LEADERSHIP. The bottom line is that I believe in serving and that by serving others - especially those we intend to lead - we become better leaders. COLLEGE SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT But, I'm not some Johnny-come-lately who attended a seminar on speaking at colleges and sees an … [Read more...]

Social media job hunting… for college students, too

From a recent segment I did for Great Day Houston on using social media to find a job. To start: Looking for a job is a full-time job, treat it as such. Plan to spend time on your efforts and be consistent with those efforts. Know what you want going in, a general idea is ok but some idea – what industry, what position, what location, what salary. Do your homework, Google that industry, position, location, salary as well as the person doing the interview and the competition. Google … [Read more...]

Serving during Welcome Week at Cuyahoga Community College

In early September I traveled for six days to make three speaking/training engagements. I started out on September 8 flying to LAX from Atlanta, changed planes, and then on to Boise, ID. From there, I drove for roughly an hour across the Snake River into Oregon and to Ontario, OR. I did a leadership/team building day for SGA leaders, Residence Life, and college Ambassadors. When I was done, I drove back to Boise, flew to LAX, and then flew all night, Wednesday into Thursday, to Atlanta. Oh no, I … [Read more...]

Use the NO CHAIRS method for campus club recruiting

At your next campus club and organization recruiting fair... Get rid of your chairs! Give them to one of your competitors and let them sit. Push your table back a little and then get in the flow of traffic by standing in front of your table. This puts you out where the students are and gives you a chance to make eye contact with them and approach them as they go by. I guarantee you recruit more members this way! As a former student leader myself, and as a long-time college student leadership … [Read more...]