January 18, 2018

Tech tools for college writing, research, data and charts

Tech tools for college writing - photo copyright 2012 Rick Sherrell

When students surf the Web, they will probably find countless applications that are purported to help them. In many cases, this software is hardly useful, although it is usually expensive. However, you shouldn’t suppose that none of these programs warrant attention. There are numerous tools that can assist you with plagiarism checking, writing, editing, or doing research including college research paper writing services of A-GRADE quality.

Making Writing Academic Papers Easier

First of all, there are many solutions to help students with their academic papers, especially with such important aspects of a project such as style, referencing, or avoiding plagiarism. Consider the following tools:

1. RefWorks, Endnote and Zotero are software packages that help users store their references and transfer them from one paper to another. These programs also export citations, in whatever format you need, from various online databases such as JSTOR or PubMed. With their help it is much easier to compile a reference list or a bibliography in different citations styles such as APA, Harvard, Oxford, or AMA.

2. Students, who want to ensure the originality of their work, should consider plagiarism checkers, for instance, WriteCheck. This software helps to identify those passages that a student could have unintentionally plagiarized.

3. Editing software such as StyleWriter can also help people with their papers. This application can pinpoint grammar or punctuation mistakes, awkward sentences, or words that do not belong in a formal paper. Moreover, this program suggests how sentences can be rewritten or rephrased.

Approaching Data and Charts without Fear

Student papers may involve calculations, the creation of charts or tables, or the analysis of statistical data. Facing these tasks for the first time can be very challenging. Fortunately, there are online applications that can help them, for instance:

1. Such solutions as OpenOffice Draw, Inscape, or SmartDraw come in handy when a student has to work with flowcharts, diagrams, or vector graphics. You can either install these applications on your hard disk drive or work with them via the Internet.

2. People, who major in sociology, psychology, economics, or finance, often must analyze and interpret statistical data. There are several applications that can do data-mining, analyze statistical information, or create mathematical models. For instance, you can use such tools as AD Model Builder, Bayesian Filtering Library, or OpenMx. These solutions are open-source and free.

3. Additionally, very often people have to make various calculations, for example ROI (Return on investment), earnings before interest, compound interest, and so forth. Such computations can be made easier by using online calculators specifically designed for such tasks.

These are online applications that students can use when writing their research papers, reports, or theses. This software is supposed to facilitate learning and you, too, can benefit from it.

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