January 18, 2018

The Farrow Method: The Science Behind It

After just 20 minutes of instruction in the system, and tested a week later, people who use Farrow’s system scored 3 Times higher than the control group on clinical memory tests. — SOURCE: Double Blind Neuroscience Study of the Farrow Memory Method, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Fall 2012.

Dave Farrow - Memory Champion - College Speaker


The Farrow Method for Memory and Speed Learning expertly blends together the three core components of Classical Memory Techniques, Farrow Focus Bursts and Current Brain/Neuro Science and delivers information in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. Highly adaptable, the Farrow Method can be used by students aged 5-85 and covers a wide variety of subject matter. With minimal creativity and guidance from parents or teachers, children as young as 5 years old can begin using this system. As students learn and progress, they can take a more active role in the learning process and embark on the path of self-directed learning.

1 – Classical Memory Techniques & Oral Tradition

In ancient times, long before Google, Wikipedia or even libraries, people remembered and communicated important information differently. We passed down knowledge and information by telling stories, singing songs and human ability to speak, listen, and remember. Without pen and paper to just “write it down,” people used memory techniques or Mnemonics. The word Mnemonics comes from the Greek Goddess Mnemosyne, and the ancient Greek scholars utilized and recorded these methods. Memory techniques were later revived and used by Kings and Rulers in the Renaissance. In the modern era, these “memory tricks” were used by magicians and illusionists to fool audiences. With modern science and technology, scholars and academics have only just begun to re-introduce these ancient learning skills into modern education curriculums.

2 – Farrow Focus Burst Method

With his own focus challenges as a driving force, Dave developed a way to activate one’s ability to focus and overcome mental blocks. A scientific approach to focus and paying attention, the Farrow Focus Method helps anyone to “get in the zone” instantly, with heightened focus. Based on current research into Cognitive Focus, these Farrow “Focus Bursts” cut down study time while raising productivity and test scores. Knowing the science of neuro-focus skills and how the brain works makes it much easier to focus more effectively, even with distractions. Dave admits to using Focus Bursts every day for completing projects and meeting the demands of successful entrepreneurial business life.

3 – Brain-Plasticity and Cognitive Neuro-Science Research

Modern neuro-scientific research about the brain and how it works has been instrumental in changing our societal views on education and cognitive behaviors. In the education world, we used to believe that kids are “hard wired” to be smart or slow and were streamed accordingly in school lessons. Sadly, in many areas of North America, this view is still widespread. Today however, we know that the brain can grow and adapt over time and that even stroke victims can grow new and necessary neuro-connections in the brain. If the brain of a stroke victim can grow and adapt to function in daily life, just imagine the possibilities for the brain of an average student. This concept is called “Brain Plasticity.” In a revolutionary new take on learning, the Farrow Method combines classical memory training and focus skills with new scientific theories and research and urges a new view of learning. The Farrow Method is among the most effective programs today in the emerging field of brain-based learning.

Invite Dave Farrow to your campus. It’s not rote memory and repetition. It’s about learning how the brain works and using that knowledge efficiently to learn better!

Andrea Zakel-Farrow is just a regular gal who went to a Star Trek Convention, met Dave Farrow, Guinness Record Holder for Memory and ended up marrying him. Teacher turned Mrs. Memory! It’s a good chance that when you bring Dave to your campus, she’ll show up too. Two personalities for the price of one! Reach Andrea on FacebookTwitter or by email.

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