January 22, 2018

The Importance of Naming Your Cow

Dayna Steele - The Importance of Naming Your Cow

In the September 2010 issue of Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine, there is a great tidbit of information about cows. I know because I read it about six times that month. Seems that cows with names produce 68 more gallons of milk every 10 months than cows without names. Farmers who referred to their cows by name saw a spike in production. That made me think of Martha, who is not a cow by the way.

I walk into the same post office in the same small town at the same time and say hello to the same cleaning woman almost every weekday morning. It wasn’t long after I started this routine that I introduced myself and asked the woman her name. Martha. Her name is Martha.

This morning ritual had been going on for almost two years when I decided one holiday season that I needed to get Martha a Christmas present. Excited to be playing Santa Claus, I arrived, as I had done for hundreds of mornings, unable to find Martha. This went on for a couple of days and I got worried. So I rang the package doorbell which is there to be rung for packages but inevitably always makes whoever has to answer it disagreeable. But I digress.

A postal employee, who has been at this particular post office longer than I have been checking my P O Box, ‘cheerfully’ opened the window and said “what do you want?” I inquired as to where Martha had been the last couple of days to which Ms. Happy replied, “who’s Martha?” I explained that Martha had been sweeping around her feet for the past few years as the post office cleaning lady. “Oh, well I don’t know her name. And I think her car is broken. She should be back tomorrow.”

Martha returned, I was able to play Santa Claus and I have since told people in my neighborhood this story, many of whom pick up their mail at the same post office and now give a cheery hello to Martha, by name, each time they go.

The moral of the story? Is there a Martha in your dorm, in the hallway of a regular class you attend or somewhere in your life? Do you know his or her name? Well, what are you waiting for?

By the way, I’ve always wondered if Martha ever questions how all these people know her by name now.

Rock on Martha!


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