January 18, 2018

Using stickers to advertise your campus organization

If you’re involved in a student organization, you probably already know how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd. According to research from Wintergreen Orchard House, larger universities can have between 400 and 1,500 student-run organizations, spanning the areas of art, culture, politics, religion, sports, fraternities and sororities, and everything in between. When deciding how to advertise your organization in a way students will remember, you sometimes have to go above and beyond what everybody else is doing, and stickers can be a great way to get your name out there. Who doesn’t love a free sticker? All kinds of brands, from businesses to musical acts, use stickers to promote. They’re fun and durable, and they help people show off what matters to them – something young people love to do.

Using stickers to advertise your campus organization - photo copyright Rick Sherrell

Advantages of Using Stickers

Why do businesses choose sticker advertising? Walking around the halls of your college campus, you’re probably used to seeing a plethora of flyers taped, stapled, and hung with push pins on bulletin boards and various other locations. Some of them are very basic, and some are flashy. Some have tear-odd phone numbers or emails. But they all look like amateur college promotions instead of eye-catching and exciting. If you do a search online, you’ll find plenty of images of how creative use of stickers can be used for a unique advertising opportunity. Your student organization is for a good cause, but giving that cause a bit of a professional advertising flair will only get people more interested. Not to mention, stickers are brightly-colored and made of durable material. Bumper stickers and other decals will survive rain, wind, and other hazards, and they won’t end up a crumpled mess like a flyer could.

Appealing to Your Fellow Students

Of course, it might be difficult to get permission to stick stickers and decals all over the walls and bulletin boards on campus. It’s much easier to order your own personalized stickers, bumper stickers, or other labels to hand out in the student union or pass out around school. If you have a unique logo or slogan for your organization, that makes stickers an even better idea, and if not, it’s a perfect time to get one. This marketing idea specifically appeals to college-age people. First of all, they get something free, even if it’s just a really cool sticker. Second, they can display the sticker all kinds of places – backpacks, laptops, lockers, car bumpers, and more. If members and potential members of your organization feel passionately about it, they’ll love getting to display their affinity for a hobby or cause, and it’s the best way to get others to ask them about it. Stickers can function as mobile advertising and fuel word of mouth, which is the best way to raise awareness.

Getting Started

If you’re thinking about ordering stickers for your student organization, it’s important to decide what you want the stickers to look like. With student groups, you might not always have a specific phone number or email to put on the sticker, but there should be some brief information on how to find out more – possibly meeting times and locations. You should decide whether to include a logo or particular design, and then you can shop around online for your options. You might be surprised at how many different options for stickers there are, from bumper stickers to glow-in-the-dark and everything in between. Formulate a plan for how and when to distribute them, whether you can place them in certain locations or stick them around campus, and how many you might realistically need. Stickers are usually quite affordable, so it’s probably easier to order on the heavy side. Remember, awareness is probably a much bigger problem for student organizations than you even realize. There’s a lot that goes on in every department of a college campus, and more students simply never find out what’s out there.

To get the word out about your student organization, you have to do more than rely on flyers, networking, or your campus website. Even if you’re dedicated to a serious cause, you have to appeal to students in a way that’s fun and exciting, and that makes belonging to your group a point of pride. Stickers can be just the beginning of a new kind of marketing. Remember, non-profits advertise just like businesses, and so should you. It’s the only way to get your message heard loud and clear.

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