January 17, 2018

Using The Farrow Method for memory beyond college

In today’s competitive post-college job market, it’s hard to get ahead and stay ahead. One of the most sought after job skills that companies look for is the ability to learn. For 20 years, Dave Farrow has also been teaching the Farrow Method for Memory and Speed Learning to companies and corporations.

Using The Farrow Method for memory beyond college - photo copyright Rick Sherrell


Beyond College – Jobs and Careers

Human Resources departments with goals of employee health and wellness hire Dave to deliver the Farrow Method to their staff. In the same way that students reduce study time, employees can reduce work and project time. Just remembering more information in less time will cut stress and add family time for anyone. Remembering the right information at the right time can also mean the difference between getting promoted or fired and in customer service industries, can even help increase sales and referrals. Popular with Sales and Management staff, Dave has been hired to teach the Farrow Method to many reputable companies such as: Coldwell Banker, ReMax, Royal LePage, Bank of America, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Toyota, Bank of Montreal, Bombardier, City of Whitby (Toronto, Canada), York Region (Toronto, Canada), Citi-Group and many more.

The Wider World

The concept of memory training, although largely unknown to North American audiences, has become more and more popular in the wider world. Citizens of Britain, Germany, South Africa, China, Australia and many other nations compete in competitions around the globe, in the pursuit of personal memory titles, prizes and championships. Although these competitions are primarily between adults, it is not unheard of for smart kids, as young as 12 years old, to go head to head with adults in the world of memory sport and competition.

In fact, the Chinese government has even sponsored a national memory team. Because academic standards in China are much higher, school kids have naturally latched onto the idea of memory training. As a result, the Chinese memory team is one of the fastest growing groups of competitors, comprised mostly of pre-teens and teenagers. In world competitions, the results are clear and even seasoned experts will agree that age has no bearing on the ability to compete and develop a better memory. People of all ages can accomplish amazing feats of memory. Memory enthusiasts also all agree that more countries should take a progressive stand on educational standards and include this valued skill in curriculum requirements.

Dave Farrow himself hopes to ignite the fire for memory training in North America through his speaking and training career, teaching the Farrow Method. He continues to lobby the Canadian and U.S. governments and education departments for meaningful change to curriculum. He and his wife Andrea, a high school teacher, see an ideal world where memory training and elements of the Farrow Method are taught in every classroom from Kindergarten to College.

I dream of the day when we can’t sell a memory program, when we’re out of business because the schools are doing my job for me! – Dave Farrow

Farrow also hopes to introduce an exciting new memory sport tournament to North America. By educating North Americans about idea of memory training and the Farrow Method he hopes to cultivate a culture of memory enthusiasts and memory sport competitors. Dave is currently promoting the idea of memory clubs (The World Memory Tournament Federation)– school by school, club by club, he believes that youth are our future and all it takes is one parent, teacher, professor or advisor to sponsor a club and get high school and college youth involved. He sees a day when memory sport tournaments are as common as popular TV game shows.

Andrea Zakel-Farrow is just a regular gal who went to a Star Trek Convention, met Dave Farrow, Guinness Record Holder for Memory and ended up marrying him. Teacher turned Mrs. Memory! It’s a good chance that when you bring Dave to your campus, she’ll show up too. Two personalities for the price of one! Reach Andrea on Facebook, Twitter or by email.

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