January 18, 2018

What It Takes to be a High Achieving Honor Student

High Achieving Honor Student. What do you think of when you hear that? You probably don’t immediately think of an online student who is training for a marathon, working full-time as a Director of Finance and Brand Marketing, as well as being a full time tutor for a 9th grader… and all on top of that being a family man. However, that is what I think of because it’s what I’m living right now. That is my life, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

In order to be able to achieve all these highlights of life basically all at once, it takes a lot of time and commitment to what you are doing. It also takes someone who’s very time-oriented (and having a calendar or two doesn’t hurt either!).

To me, in life, I usually live by the credo, “Most people sleep 8 hours and work 8 hours. It’s a matter of what you do in the remaining 8 hours that makes you great.” Well, in order to be the kind of student that is a high achieving honor student WITH a career, you need to make a couple changes to that. So here goes… “Work 10 hours, work out / run for 4 hours, eat for 2 hours, sleep for 6 hours, and relax for 2 hours….if you didn’t just work 12 hours.” That is almost precisely how I live my life every day.

It’s not something that’s too hard or difficult to do, it just usually takes some time to get used to. Now I’m not saying that I do this every day of the week, however I AM saying that 6 days of the week typically looks like the way I described it. Everyone needs to have that one day where you recharge yourself. Ironically enough, that’s today! And I spent it on the golf course…

Another way of doing so well at being that type of student is to have an outlet. You know, something that you can do that completely takes you away from everything work, school, and house related. Something like golf, writing, going to the gym, swimming, tennis, soccer, or even playing video games. Find something that takes you from a place of stress, to a palace of clarity in your mind.

So let’s recap… sleep for how many hours? Work how long? You need an outlet to release stress as well, don’t you? As well as one more thing I learned that’s huge — always be able to laugh at yourself. It makes the day go by much smoother and helps with all the stress that may come with being a “high achieving honor student with a career.”

NSCS LOGOJason Sweigart is a student of Jones International University studying Communications and PR. He’s the president of the JIU chapter of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars as well as a regular contributor to the blog TalkNerdy2Me. When he’s not studying or doing homework, you can find him hitting the pavement and training for marathons. Jason enjoys roller coasters, spending time with friends and family, eating, and going to see his beloved Phillies and Eagles. He loves meeting as many new people as he can and connecting with all of them. You can find him on Twitter at @jsweigartNSCS.

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an honor society for high-achieving college students. We have more than 800,000 lifetime members and chapters at over 290 schools across the US. Learn more at www.NSCS.org and www.TalkNerdy2Me.org.


  1. Jason Sweigart
    Nice Pic, 🙂 I read your article you have done alot hardwork for your life and you really deserve this. look mostly people are lazy now a days they can do one thing at a time. The schedule you are planning for is too hard for me honestly but nothing is impossible so wiil try it.

    The main thing i think is the environment where you grow, i rather remind that code whenever i look to my life is “Practice makes a man perfect.”
    interesting Article Thumbs Up.

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