January 20, 2018

Write a flawless research paper in 4 easy steps

Write a flawless research paper - photo copyright 2012 Rick Sherrell

One of the main requisites for any grad-school will be to submit a research paper of the subjects that you are studying. You may feel that writing a research paper will be a very difficult task and yes! It is not an easy task! But, if you spend a short time on it, you can surely submit a good paper on time. Here are four easy steps that will ensure you submit a flawless research paper.

1. Know What Is Wanted

Once you have an assignment, carefully read the action words and see what is exactly required for you to do. Do you have to analyze, explain, discuss, compare, prove or simply write on a certain topic? When this part is clear, you will know exactly what is required from you. Accordingly, go ahead and choose a research topic.

2. Time Management

With many other courses to study, you will find it very difficult to devote all your time on a particular research paper. You must, however, know that you can never submit a good paper if you do not devote ample time on it.

√ Research – The deadline may be months away, but you will have to come up with your research topic. Set aside a few hours of the day to head to the library and read on the topic you have decided. Chalk out a general plan of how you wish to proceed with the topic and then read up on the issues you will tackle.

√ Keep Taking Notes – While reading up on your topic from books or online journals; keep making notes of important points – the book, page number and the gist of the point. This will help you when you start writing.

√ Write – The biggest mistake that you can do is keeping your final writing for the last minute. This will never give you enough time to check your paper correctly and make necessary changes. The best thing would be to keep writing as you read a particular point. Writing is making sense of what you know and this will help you gather all your points.

3. Write In Your Own Words

You should always write your paper on your own words and occasionally quote authors and theorists. Whenever you do quote directly, give proper citations.

4. Proof-Read

Once you have written the research paper, read it through. This will help you see whether the whole piece strings together. Check whether all the paragraphs are in proper order. Change the order of the paragraphs as required. It is better if you ask someone else to read it and give you an opinion. Once you are happy with the final result, carefully check to correct all typographic, formatting and spacing errors.

If you follow these easy steps, you will not have to panic in the last minute fretting about “Oh! How I will write my research paper?” You can submit a flawless paper written on time, and guarantee yourself good grades.

 About the Author: B. Lyttle has completed a Masters Degree in English Literature from NYU and loves writing on a variety of topics. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels and listening to Pink Floyd.

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