June 13, 2024

College Fashionista Trends 2024

Url: https://unsplash.com/photos/woman-wearing-sunglasses-ani8UphU_fI Whether you’re prepping for an extra summer semester or you're looking forward to a fresh start in the fall, college fashion trends are changing with the seasons. For a full look into what you can expect for the rest of 2024 and early 2025, check out the college... … [Read This...]

Take the hassle out of moving in or moving out

I remember the day I helped Amber, my oldest daughter, move into her first college dorm. It was a lot of work and it was really hot. The university she attended at the time (Amber has since transferred from Georgia College to be closer to home) was fairly organized with... … [Read This...]

Is It Really Like “Animal House”? What to Do When Your Kid Joins the Greek Life

So, your son or daughter says they’re going Greek at college this year, and the first thing that comes to mind is the movie “Animal House.” Pop culture doesn’t exactly represent the Greek system in the most positive light, so outsiders might not realize that it’s not all about partying... … [Read This...]

Intimate relationships between students and professors

Student life is fun but difficult at the same time due to the process of studies. Some have part-time jobs, which together with studies make it to where a student is tired because of being occupied all the time. Along with that, some manage to create families. Having a family... … [Read This...]

Tips for Taking the GRE While You Are Still in College

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is the aptitude test students take before graduate school. Almost all graduate school programs require students to take this exam. You will probably need to take the exam while you are still working on your undergraduate degree if you plan to enroll in graduate school... … [Read This...]

Successful on the job training (OJT) for students

On-the-job training is an opportunity to take a glimpse into the world of business. If you’ve been in school for years, this first glimpse can show you how a business is run, what workers are like, and how they are perceived by their peers. If you look closely enough, you... … [Read This...]

Take These 5 Steps Now to Prepare for a Career in Football

To kick off a regular season, each NFL team has to trim down to 53 players — but if you’re seeking a job in football, you don’t have to make the roster to work for the team. The NFL has been dramatically expanding its staff size in recent years, from... … [Read This...]

5 Strategies for Getting Good Job References

As a student life administrator, I have been asked for literally hundreds of references from students I have supervised or advised over the years. Conversely, I myself have asked for my own professional references when I searched for different positions across the country. Given my experience on both ends of... … [Read This...]

Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees: What’s the Difference?

Would you like to continue your education, but you’re not sure where to start? When people talk about “going back to school” it doesn’t have to be for a four-year degree. There are certificates, diplomas, degrees and even individual courses veterans and other mature students find enriches their lives and... … [Read This...]

Volunteer and figure out your career path

To figure out which career field you’re passionate about, it’s simple: you must first do some work in fields that interest you. Consider setting aside at least 100 hours for volunteer/community service work, perhaps on the weekends. Volunteer for organizations that are involved in at least a few of the fields... … [Read This...]

10 Questions to ask yourself when choosing a major or career field

Undoubtedly, one of the toughest decisions in route to college completion is choosing your major. It’s important to remember that choosing your major is a step-by-step process and not a decision. Before you declare a major be sure to utilize your elective credits to explore what you think you might... … [Read This...]

Athletics Master’s Degrees for College Professionals

If you have decided to work within the field of athletics and want to build a career in the academic sector, you should know that attaining an athletics master’s degree is an excellent way for you to accomplish this objective. There are a plethora of challenging, information-packed degree programs that... … [Read This...]

Increase job chances with superior email open rates

When it comes to landing an internship or job, many places have started reviewing applications through email. While this allows you to easily apply for a vast listing of potential positions, you run the risk of getting lost in the flood of responses to a given listing. These quick and... … [Read This...]

The Value of a Master’s Degree

With education costs on the rise, it can feel daunting for education marketers to show prospective students the value of pursuing a graduate degree. Be strategic and clear when sharing the potential of specific graduate degrees. Here are a few points to consider: The Demand Is Clear When prospective students... … [Read This...]

Library Science in the 21st Century

Students new to college research are likely to find the new digital paradigm of online libraries refreshing and also somewhat familiar, as online searching is becoming simpler in the switch from physical card catalogs to online access to academic journals and the exponential growth of digital archives, online. Nowadays, there... … [Read This...]

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